carrie + lindsey


Emily began working with us as we were beginning to think about building a tiny home. My partner and I longed for this dream but it felt like a faraway goal that would take years to accomplish. Over the weeks Emily helped us set small goals toward clearing our clutter and arranging our space. She patiently let us make the decisions about what, when, and how to downsize our stuff, which made us feel empowered and in control of this journey.  At first the changes were small. Our room felt more comfortable, we slept better, and it felt good to get rid of things. Slowly she helped us put intentions into our space: career, money, relationship.

Then after one productive meeting with Emily it felt like the dam broke.  I had chosen to get rid of my car, that for a variety of reasons, was probably the biggest thing in my life holding stuck and negative energy.  Suddenly things started happening so fast! We secured funding for building our tiny home, bought a trailer that would be its foundation, hired a contractor friend to help with the construction, and moved into a small home just blocks from where we would build our home.  Not only that, but Lindsey's career began down an exciting new path that would send her back to school. 

I sincerely believe that none of these things would have happened without Emily's help, gently encouraging us to focus on aspects of our lives that needed attention. She has become a trusted advisor and friend and we wouldn't trade this experience for anything.