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Intuitive Leadership

6 week course in Portland, OR

This mindfully crafted learning opportunity is for women in leadership who want to tap into intuitive guidance, embody emotional integrity, and lead teams, companies, and the world into a better place. Details coming soon!

What will the class be like?

This class is about doing the work that is required to make a lasting change in how we see ourselves, what it means to be in power and empowered, and to tap into intuitive guidance for decision making. We will learn how emotions affect the body, and start to name and work through the beliefs that have limited us. You will be taught an effective method that helps rewire the brain that so often gets stuck around emotions of lack, such as I’m not good enough, as well as how to use the body as a compass to reveal deep wisdom that is authentic to you and your leadership style.

Self-work is powerful, transformational, and lasts a lifetime. One self-aware person who observes herself and makes changes can inspire others with a single conversation. We will be practicing the most powerful and impactful practices you can have on the world around you: self-care, self-love, and self-inquiry.


What kinds of things will I learn? 

At the end of this powerful class, if you have attended, done the work, and committed to practicing the tools, you will learn how to:

  • Use coaching tools with yourself and share with your team.

  • Check in with your body and ground your energy to set conscious intentions.

  • Observe which thoughts shape your reality and question their validity.

  • Calibrate your emotions for clarity in decision making.

  • Know when to reflect vs react and act with clear focus and emotional integrity. 

  • Use meditation, visualization, and energy healing to tap into your intuition. 

  • Connect with other women on the same path and create community around conscious leadership. 

  • Honor and trust yourself as a powerful leader. 

How will this elevate my leadership game?

  • You will be a part of a supportive peer learning environment to tackle personal hurdles around being a leader.

  • Tapping into your body wisdom instead of solely relying on outside sources will help you lead with integrity.

  • Working through limiting thoughts, insecurities, and self-judgements clears your mind of unnecessary chatter.

  • Being a leader who is self-aware and acts with integrity naturally lifts others up.  

  • Knowing when to reflect instead of react saves many situations from taking an unproductive turn. 

  • Tapping into the energy of your heart and gut will assist your (probably overloaded) brain.

  • Meditation, visualization, and energy healing greatly reduces stress and increases daily energy.

  • Paying attention to your intuitive guidance in decision making creates clarity and self-trust. ​

Your Intuitive Leadership Guide...

This course has been designed with a passion to pass on knowledge, tools, exercises, and resources to other women in leadership. I have drawn from my training and education as a Certified Life Coach and Reiki Master, as well as my professional experience in leadership as Director of Culture & HR. My intention is to help women tap into their own power, lead by example, stand in their own truth, and paint a picture of what a self-aware leader looks like for future generations. 

If you have any questions about the course, please reach out. I would love to hear from you! 


Emily Lily, Women's Empowerment Leadership Forum, Portland, OR