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I'm Emily. I use she/they pronouns. I am a coach, consultant, partner, gardener, dog mom, plant mom, dancer, healer, and creative.  


My professional career has focused on creating a “come as you are” organizational culture, centering inclusion, belonging, and emotional intelligence. 


I have had the pleasure of partnering with mission-driven organizations including Fully, ASCETA, Dress for Success Oregon, City of Portland, and Lloyd EcoDistrict. As Director of Culture at Fully, a local growing company in Portland, OR, I helped develop and shape a culture that placed value on equity, employee opportunities, open communication, radical ideas, and a supportive learning environment. This holistic and progressive workplace model created astounding retention, satisfaction, and engagement among employees and the company was awarded one of Oregon's Top 100 Best Places to Work as well as one of Oregon’s Fastest Growing Companies.


In 2019, I navigated the call to intentionally redirect my energy, gifts, and focus to coaching, consulting, and circles.


My approach and background includes studies of the physical body, emotional well-being, and energetic healing. I enjoy blending my knowledge in creative ways to provide a curated experience for individuals, teams, and organizations.

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Oregon Humane Society Award

A spiritually transformative experience defines who I am today. My elderly rescue dog, Rusty, who I adopted in 2020, detected a 15 cm tumor in my pelvis that I had no idea I had. He consistently pressed his paws, head, and nose into the tumor, causing an intense pain that sent me to the doctor. Rusty received a Diamond Collar Hero Award from The Oregon Humane Society, here is the heartwarming video about our story.

kind words from collaborators

Sarah H.
Non-profit Executive Director

"Emily has a natural gift for the work of coaching. She will prompt you, listen, offer concrete homework and follow up to keep you engaged in your own work. She is a superbly intuitive listener. She will meet you with the same intensity that you bring to your process with her. The combination of hard skills and experience in leadership and professional development and her intuitive and spiritual practice is exactly what I was looking for in a coach. She has helped me be a better mentor, helped me come into my power as a woman in leadership and has helped me find my ways to spiritual practices that enrich my inner life and calm my outer existence." 

Laura W.
Recruiting & Engagement Manager

"Emily is truly a visionary leader who embodies her core values every step of the way. Through compassion, integrity, and by always prompting those around to her to ask, “what can I do differently?”, she seamlessly integrates personal growth with professional development. Like a true leader, she raises up those around her to reach their full potential. Guiding the way with emotional intelligence, Emily has crafted the most inclusive, engaging, and heart-centered culture that I have ever experienced at any workplace. It is an absolute honor to work with her"

Sonja M.
Com. Engagement Coordinator

“It’s such a wonderful thing to work with someone who brings integrity to their work. Emily is so perfect for the workplace culture, equity and leadership work because she brings her authentic self to the work and does not require of others what she will not do herself. My experience with Emily is that her calming, professional demeanor created an opportunity for the team to be honest, vulnerable and open to opportunities to lean in, reflect and embrace the changes that were necessary for professional growth and for the benefit of the organization. Emily is talented, experienced and an amazing advocate for equity, diversity, and inclusion with the organizations that have been so fortunate to work with her and benefit from her expertise."

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