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Intuitive Leadership Coaching

How can I be a thoughtful, effective, and authentic leader? How can I relate to my employees while also being in charge? How do I show emotion while maintaining integrity? How do I become the kind of boss I am proud to be? How do I know I'm making a difference?


Learn and practice how to ground yourself, use the power of your intuition, emotional intelligence, and logic to guide your words and actions. This will help you feel clear and empowered in your day to day decisions, understand who you are as a leader, and develop a leadership language that feels clear and confident to you, your team, and your colleagues. 

Intuition Development Classes

How do I develop a stronger connection with my intuition? How can I listen and know it's my intuition that I am tapping into? How do other people access this guidance? 


Classes are an opportunity to learn how to tap into your intuition within a group of professionals interested in Intuitive Leadership.  During these classes, we explore intuition, emotional intelligence, how to uncover and dismantle limiting beliefs, methods of self-coaching, and a plethora of methods to tune into and trust inner guidance so you can silence distractions and align with your intentions. 

Intuitive Culture Design

How do I know if our employees are engaged? Content? Productive? How do we create an inclusive environment for everyone so they enjoy coming to work? How can we design our company culture to be attractive to current and future talent? 

Culture is about connection, engagement, trust, and pathways to opportunity.  Together we will explore the current landscape as well as different strategies on how to design and maintain equitable, trustworthy, and transparent systems and structures for a thriving workplace environment.