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May 2020


Portland, OR

Intuition & Energy in Leadership: The Power of Inner Wisdom.

This mindfully crafted learning opportunity is for women, trans-women, and non-binary folx in leadership who want to tap into intuitive guidance, embody emotional integrity, and lead teams, companies, and the world into a better place. 

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Intuition & Energy in Leadership: The Power of Inner Wisdom.
Intuition & Energy in Leadership: The Power of Inner Wisdom.

Time & Location

May 2020

Portland, OR

About the Event

This class is about doing the work that is required to make a lasting change in how we see ourselves, what it means to be in power and empowered, and to tap into intuitive guidance for decision making. You will be a part of a supportive peer learning environment to work through the mental chatter that keeps us from accessing intuition and energy wisdom. 


We will learn how emotions affect the body, and start to name and work through the beliefs that have limited us. You will be taught an effective method that helps rewire the brain that so often gets stuck around emotions of lack, such as I’m not good enough, as well as how to use the body as a compass to reveal the inner knowing that is authentic to you and your leadership style.

At the end of the class, you will have learned how to:

  • Work through limiting thoughts, insecurities, and self-judgements to clear your mind. 
  • Tap into body wisdom and ground your energy to set conscious intentions.
  • Observe which thoughts shape your reality and question their validity.
  • Calibrate your emotions for clarity in decision making. 
  • Honor and trust yourself as a powerful leader. 

Paying attention to your intuitive guidance in decision making creates clarity and self-trust. ​Self-work is powerful, transformational, and lasts a lifetime. One self-aware person who observes the self and makes changes can inspire others with a single conversation. We will be practicing the most powerful and impactful practices you can have on your inner world and the world around you. 

 Ask your intuition if this course is right for you. And trust the response! 

 *To learn more about Emily Lily or contact her for questions, please visit the Home page. Thank you! 

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