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Intuitive Leadership

The Power of Inner Wisdom. 

This workshop is open to all women-identified and gender non-conforming folks who want to tap into inner wisdom to increase self-trust, clarity, confidence, and compassion in their leadership style.

Bunker at JupiterNEXT  |   Dates TBA

Is this workshop right for you? 
  • Are you woman-identified or gender non-conforming?

  • Are you responsible for leading a company, department, project, or team in a corporate environment? 

  • Do you often struggle with "the right" thing to do when your instincts, thoughts, and emotions conflict with corporate norms and traditional styles of leadership? 

  • Are you interested in incorporating intuition and energy into your leadership style?

If you answered YES to these questions, WELCOME, this space is designed specifically for you!

What you will walk away with:
  • Knowing how to tap into your body wisdom for guidance and confidence in decision making.

  • A powerful method to dismantle limiting thoughts getting in the way of your leadership goals and intentions.

  • Strategies to clear the mind, reduce stress, and receive intuitive information. 

  • Honor and trust yourself as a powerful and empowered leader who inspires others with compassion and integrity. 

  • A group of supportive peers to collaborate with and encourage you to listen to your inner wisdom. 


​Paying attention to intuition and energy creates clarity, self-trust, and compassionate leadership. ​We will be practicing the most impactful practices to deepen your connection to your inner world and the world around you. 

About Your  Guide

Meet Emily Lily

2018_Asceta_Leadership Conf-332-Edit.jpg

Photo by Sarah Waters: Women's Executive Leadership Forum, Keynote: Supportive Cultures 

Emily Lily is a Leadership Development and Culture Design Consultant specializing in emotional intelligence, belonging, empowerment, and compassionate leadership. She has worked with leaders and organizations with a focus on redefining leadership and culture and has partnered with mission-driven organizations including ASCETA, Dress for Success Oregon, City of Portland, and Lloyd EcoDistrict. 

Emily spent the first part of her career in Organizational Culture, HR, and Employee Development.  She dedicated the last 5 years creating a “come as you are” culture from the ground up at Fully, a local growing company in Portland, OR. She helped create a workplace environment that valued equity, employee opportunities, open communication, radical ideas, and a supportive learning environment. This holistic and progressive workplace model created astounding retention, satisfaction, and engagement among employees and the company was awarded one of Oregon's Top 100 Best Places to Work as well as one of Oregon’s Fastest Growing Companies.

Emily’s approach and educational background includes studies of the physical body, emotional well being, energetic healing, meditation, and emotional intelligence. She acquired a B.S. in Kinesiology from the University of Massachusetts, Amherst and is a Certified Leadership Coach, Reiki Master, and facilitator of The Work of Byron Katie. She blends her knowledge and techniques into a carefully curated experience for individuals, teams, and organizations.

Please do not hesitate to reach out with any questions. Dates to be released soon - RSVP or subscribe below for updates. Please note: spots are limited for an intimate and connected experience. Hope to see you there!

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