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intuition coaching


Starting in the fall of 2021, I went through several life-altering health transformations. I was not sure I would survive.

Parts of me have healed and parts of me continue to heal. This process has helped me become more in tune with intuitive medicine than ever before. Leading up to my first surgery - and ever since - I have been receiving very clear intuitive messages and visions. The energy running through me feels profoundly different - powerful with heightened sensitivities and insights. (Read the full story of my medical miracle.)


And now I want to share this magic with you!

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the vision

In 2019, the way I wanted to engage with the world shifted immensely as I navigated the call to intentionally redirect my energy, gifts, and focus outside of capitalistic environments. After almost four years, two major surgeries, and significant spiritually transformative health experiences, my work in the world is still transitioning but my vision is clear. 

In our healing sessions, we co-create a space to focus on cultivating your intuitive knowledge through a combination of intuitive counseling (your energy and insight), intuitive channeling (my energy and insight in relation to your energy) and "on the mat" energy healing where you relax and we drop in to "hear and heal" your energetic body. 

We will create a space for your sacred knowing, encourage the energy of your essential self to come forward through conscious inquiry, and support your rising inner knowing with deep energy healing. 


Our sessions will be unique. We will surrender to "what is" and co-create from that place each time we come together, honoring exactly where you are and where you want to be, how you feel and how you want to feel, who you are and who you are becoming. 

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Adam P.

"I had the pleasure of working with Emily while she was at Fully. Our paths crossed at a time when the company was growing rapidly and holding true to the culture and values that made the company so great was incredibly important. Emily led the Culture team and modeled what it looked like to bring your full self to work every day. She challenged me to lead with vulnerability. She always exuded grace, authenticity, and intentionality. And most importantly, she championed efforts around equity, diversity, and inclusion that helped make Fully a better company because of it. I thoroughly enjoyed working with Emily, and have no doubt she'll succeed in whatever life brings her."    


This opportunity may feel aligned for you if...

  • You feel separated from intuitive guidance

  • You are struggling to make a decision, unsure which next step to take

  • You feel ungrounded, lost, not like yourself

  • You feel pressure to be someone you are not, stuck, or unable to break free of old patterns 

  • You want to experience healing, judgement-free conversations 

  • You feel energy stuck in your emotional, spiritual or physical body

  • You are seeking energetic support during a stressful time

  • You want to infuse your life with a little extra magic

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Please note my work is connection-based - our paths have crossed before or we are connected through mutual friends, colleagues, or family. Because of this, I have disabled online booking and payment. These elements will be sent to you when you reach out personally. I appreciate your understanding with this preferred process. If we are meant to meet during this time, I believe we will. 


*All sessions (not including remote consultations) will take place at KIVA SPA: 1533 NW 24th Ave, Portland, OR 97210, unless otherwise agreed upon prior to purchase. 

Han O.
VP of Marketing

"Emily helped create a really special place to work. Ask anybody what they value most about working here, and you're likely to hear about our strong sense of connection. Emily played a huge role in shaping our company culture of inclusivity with a mantra of "Come as you are." "Culture" isn't just a buzzword we've adopted. It isn't about ping pong tables and nap rooms. With incredible intention, Emily cultivated a community of people committed to both working hard and supporting each other. With the rest of the leadership team, she promoted balance and self-development. She cares deeply about everyone here, and you can feel how genuine it is in every interaction with her."   

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reach out

If you feel called to work together, please reach out to me directly for scheduling, availability, and any questions you may have.


Complimentary 15-minute phone or ZOOM consultations are available prior to meeting in person, if that feels aligned for you.

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